The following essay topics are relating to an entire book. Each of these topics is a brave new world essay sample and thesis outline. You can use them as pickup points for your essay paper. 

Essay Outline #1

Thesis statement: The individuals who govern this Brave New World might not be normal, but they aren’t abnormal. Their main aim is social stability and not anarchy. From the novel, social stability is set to be very vital. Here is why:

  1. The stable societies don’t see the need for an international war or a civil conflict. 
  2. A stable society cannot cause the need or want of any war, including a civil one. In (I), everyone sees the need or want, but in (II), neither the need nor want exists. 
  3. Any stable society shouldn’t take from other communities. If they get everything provided, then there is no need for any war. Greed and envy aren’t necessary. 
  4. For a society to be stable, a few firm and constant people have to control it. People have to think they own everything they need, whether they have it or not. They should see control as generous. 

Essay Outline #2

Thesis statement: Two societies exist in John, the Savage. John is a stranger in both two cultures. How does it build him to be perfect for changing flaws in the new world?

  1. John, as a stranger, notices paradoxes existing in this new world. 
  2. He sees the religious influence around things. Mustapha Mond holds that religion is unnecessary. 
    The T sign made resembles the cross sign. 
    The solidarity group looks like the rites of Christian communion. 
  3. Linda informs John that this other place is a perfect civilization. 
    John becomes a savage after losing his identity. 
    John can’t continue to see the same faces of the poor Bokanovsky Group Castes. 
    Savage John recognizes why Shakespeare’s plays and other books are unavailable for everyone. Even these higher castes don’t have them. 
    He sees no meaning in words like freedom for the castes. 
  4. The salvage.
    Because of social stability, people lose their spirits. 
    The new world doesn’t acknowledge heroes and martyrs and heroes. 

Essay Outline #3

Thesis statement: John uses Shakespeare’s plays, Romeo and Juliet, the Tempest, and Othello. They aid him in expressing his feelings in the novel. 

  1. John’s work is from Shakespeare’s plays. The plays influence the views of his two worlds. 
  2. He remembers the words of Othello after seeing Lenina or Linda in a bad state.
    Othello makes the use of baset words to explain Desdemona and the imagined lover. 
    John perceives the mother as the downfall of women after her mother’s open and free sex with the pope. 
    Lenina sexually relates with John. John uses words that describe women as whores erupt in his mind. 
  3. Bernard offers to bring John to London. John decides to use Miranda’s words from The Tempest. 
    He describes his thoughts about the new world. 
    The moment he gets to the Electrical Equipment Corporation, John vomits. “The brave new world” words make him vomit after sticking in his throat. 
    Up to the end of this novel, John doesn’t see the need to think about Miranda’s words. He can’t use them to substantiate what is before his eyes. 
  4. John thinks of how Lenina is romantic. His mind swarms into Romeo’s words that center on Juliet. 
    The first time his eyes see Lenina at a reservation, John remembers Juliet. 
    While in London, Lenina goes round in John’s mind as he wishes her to be. He uses words that describe Juliet. 

What is hypnopedia teaching in the Brave New World?

Sleep teaching or hypnopedia means governing bodies teach children class distinctions and morality. To impart the knowledge to a child, the tutor repeats messages and slogans while the child sleeps. The tutor has to be near the child. Doing this aims at instilling the slogans and messages in a child’s memory. The data and slogans boost societal ideals about proper behavior. It also promotes class roles about conformity and sex. 

In the second chapter, the director expounds on the sleep teaching principle. The director holds on to the fact that one can’t teach science using hypnopedia. It’s because one has to know what science is all about. Children can only learn moral education using this hypnopedia teaching. 


The above outline is a perfect example of a good essay. It has a summary of the best points from the brave new world novel. 

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